Valentine’s Day 2012

Not sure why I feel like I have once again been caught by surprise at how quickly Valentine’s Day has come around ….it’s only a week away now and we are anticipating lots of orders as well as our usual spontaneous and last minute shoppers. I’ve spent the last few weeks fine tuning my order so that I can be sure to have a great selection of your favorite items as well as some  more unusual flowers for you to choose from. I am hoping that there is “lots of love in the air” this year and look forward to helping you to choose the perfect arrangement or wrap for your loved ones. Nothing like adding your personal touch by picking out the flowers you know he or she loves… to show how much you really care and I am looking forward to helping you to make it special.
Please call  or email with any questions or to place your orders….949 494 1240  Email:

What’s happening in the “Land of Fresh Flowers” for 2012??

2012 is already well on the way and January has almost come to an end…and wasn’t it just Christmas yesterday?
Our wedding calender is filling up quickly…14 weddings booked for this year already…and a few more in the works. We would love to work with you on your wedding flowers and show you ways to keep within a budget and still have the wedding of your dreams. Please give a  call to find out about available dates for this year and to talk about your ideas. We have lots of images on our Facebook page and website: and ……so please take a look to see what we do.
Winter Formal for Laguna Beach High school is next Saturday, Feb 4th….and we are taking orders already. Get in early to get exactly what you want…rather than wait until the last minute and get the leftovers:-( We encourage you to think outside of the box and make yours unique and love working with your ideas and have lots of our own to share.!/media/set/?set=a.224175247594618.74113.100000064336288&type=3
Following closely behind Winter Formal we have Valentine’s Day on Feb 14th. It’s a Tuesday this year…and we plan to have a wonderful variety of unusual flowers for you to make your selection from. Pre-orders are encouraged as there is a limited supply of popular items this year.
Watch our Facebook page for updates on product, images of recent work and to find out what is going on in Laguna Beach.

Thanksgiving…time to give thanks!

It’s Thanksgiving again next week and what better way to ‘give thanks’ and show your appreciation to the people in your life that matter… than with flowers.
Everyone is having dinner parties and we have all kinds of great ideas for centerpieces as well as various options for door wreaths and other hostess gift ideas.
We will be open on Thanksgiving Day until noon, but please pre-order as we would prefer to have the flowers you love available for when you come in. Of course that does not mean that we won’t do all we can to help those of you who have forgotten to order!
I would also like to take this opportunity to give some thanks of my own for all the support this year. The business has grown and this would not have happened without the wonderful local community …as well as my “out of town” regulars who call in their orders on a frequent basis. I have loved getting to know you all by name and enjoyed finding out what each of you love to send and receive. Thank you all so much!!

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Flowers for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s a great idea to order ahead to get those special flowers that your Mom, Grandma (or your wife) loves. We will have lots of ready made wraps and arrangements too, but I believe that there is nothing like a personal choice to show that you really care.
There are so many beautiful spring flowers available at this time of year….and altho flooding in Columbia and Equador makes the availibility of roses a little uncertain….there are many great substitutes. The Peonies are incredible and this is a great time to spoil your Mom with something really special.The Hyacinths, Lilac and Sweet Peas are smelling amazing and the Ranunculus, Anemones, Tulips (French and Novelty..I love the Parrot and the Frayed Edge) Spider Mums, Sunflowers and Iris all help to add a splash of color to bouquets and arrangements. Branches of Cherry Blossoms, Wax flowers, Bouronia, Limonium etc  can add interest and help achieve the look of a bunch of flowers picked fresh from the garden…. which I personally love. 
We wrap in brown paper and tie with raffia for a really natural organic look, but do have a selection of tissue and ribbon if that is what you prefer. (You could even add a brooch as a lasting keepsake.)
In addition to our fresh flowers, we have some unique little gifts and cards…perfect for Mom! Garden tools, vases, aprons, totes, manicure sets, perfume bottles, etc. I am always on the look out for things that are unusual…so come and see what I have. Lots of one of a kind items in my tiny retail section….and I have to admit that sometimes it breaks my heart a little to part with them, but I know you will love them too…so it’s all OK!
And…get the kids involved this Mothers Day! Let them be part of the decision making process. They always have fun deciding what they think Mom will love most.
We will be open Saturday (8th) and Sunday (9th) from 8am…..until we are sold out!!
I hope to see you at our stand…and remember you can get in early by placing an order for pick up or delivery.
I do not want anyone to be disappointed.
Please call or email with questions.
The Flower Stand
384 Forest Ave, 9A
Laguna Beach. CA 92651
Ph: 949 370 5153

A little Tease of Spring….


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There are so many advantages to having an open retail space….the fresh air, the hummingbirds that come in to feed, the people I have met as they pass by or stop to buy flowers….. AND I get to work outdoors.I started this post last Saturday…. when being “outdoors” was not quite such a good thing. The temperatures were in the 40’s and the wind had been blasting through my stand. Sitting at my computer with my hoodie pulled up and my scarf tightly wrapped around my neck, I was feeling very grateful for the fingerless gloves that I got for Christmas especially as I had just finished washing vases and buckets in icy cold water.But today it really seems that Spring is in the air and it’s easy to encourage the idea with Poppies, Anemones, Ranunculus, Tulips and even Forsythia and Cherry Blossom in my buckets. It’s spring somewhere in the world……
But back to the pro’s and con’s of an open space….

It means that I am privy to every conversation that takes place at the tables in the courtyard and that can be good and bad. It’s busy out there and the visitors come and go, but there are lots of locals too. There’s Brian…the English guy… who has been sitting drinking his coffee under the 130 year old eucalyptus tree… every morning for the last 30 years. He’s an iconic figure around here, and everybody knows him and exactly where and when to find him. Then, there’s the knowledgeable group of older men who gather to talk for hours everyday at lunch time. I have learned much about American history by listening to them and I know most of them by name now and have kept some of them out of trouble with my fresh flowers. There is also a group that does the crossword puzzle….I think it’s an addiction…they too do not miss a day…come rain or shine…and occasionally I get to add my 5 cents worth, altho it seems that they consider my knowledge to extend only to flower related questions or questions about Africa.

I have also come to know quite a few of the people who live on the street and have charged their cell phones, kept their backpacks, lent them money and learned how some of them ended up in their situation. It’s rather sad actually…and strangely enough, in many instances, it seems to be a choice.

And it would be seriously remiss of me not to mention Daisy…..she too is known by all as she races through town in her wheelchair….usually pulling her service dog, Rosie, rather than the reverse. It’s hard not to pet Rosie as she wags her tail and looks hopefully in your direction, but Daisy is firm about the no petting rule and altho I am allowed to give Rosie water…we do not talk! Daisy stops by twice a week and loads up with fresh flowers for her customers…she always has a smile and a good word to say about everyone. I am in awe of her resilient nature and her ability to look out for herself no matter what!

There’s a bit of a flip side too…

I’m trapped in here and because I’m visible, I’ve somehow become”the toilet police” ( despite the HUGE direction sign) which does not stop the inevitable question of “where are the bathrooms” …or “the toilet paper is finished”…”there’s no paper towel”..” bathrooms are locked”…etc, etc..) I’ve come to know who’s looking for flowers and who is going to have a question totally unrelated to why I am here. I’m apparently also the coin vending machine for parking meters, responsible for lost and found and the concierge of Laguna Beach.

Regardless….there are way more pro’s than con’s…especially when it’s a beautiful sunny day in downtown Laguna Beach!

I am happy to have got to know so many wonderful local people… who have become some of my regular customers. I am grateful for their business and I look forward to being their source for fresh flowers and arrangements (we deliver too). I have loved working with everyone and like to think that I help to make their holidays, weddings and celebrations special.

Valentine’s Day




The year is already in full swing already with lots of birthdays, births and anniversaries. …the kind of celebrations I love to be involved in.

I’m especially interested in the anniversaries and I so love to hear about people who have been together for a really long time (I’ve recently heard 62 years, 44 years and 50 years) and always ask “how did you do it?….what’s the secret?” The answers are never the same and when I recently asked the man who was buying flowers for his wife for their 50th anniversary, he looked somewhat surprised. He said he wasn’t really sure and decided to pose the question to his wife in the anniversary card. I would love to know her response!

I have never been good at romantic relationships….  I always had the unrealistic idea that if “I love you and you love me” that’s really all there is to it. But that’s not how it works! It’s so much more complicated than that, but I do know that a good relationship has to involve trust, compromise, empathy and friendship. I don’t believe that there’s a formula. We are all individuals! 

I hope you’ve found your Valentine…and if you have (or if you still working on it)….come and buy them flowers this year at The Flower Stand!!!!! 


We will have all the usual red roses and color roses…Peonies to order and we will also have lots of other… more unusual… fresh flower options too. Call to order… or come by and pick out your own. Make it personal! Make it special! If you love the wildflower type flower…we have those and lots of unusual greens. We will help you with your choices and make it seem like you picked your flowers while hiking up on a trail. Brown paper wrapped and raffia tied….how can you go wrong?

Christmas 2010

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Xmas is only a week away and the orders for centerpieces are rolling in. Roses…both red and white are in short supply so I suggest you do not wait until the last-minute to order to avoid being disappointed with the choices.

We also have lots of unusual flower related gift items. Potted succulents and plants, wreaths, garden tools, interesting little vases and garden sets for the kids. Avoid the crowd and come and shop the Lumberyard Complex on Forest Ave in Laguna Beach where you will find boutiques and gift shops with lots of fun items.

We deliver locally…so if you would like to surprise a friend or family member with a Christmas Centerpiece…please give us a call to arrange.

Please visit our website to find out more about us…….